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Cooperage Pallets and Boxes has a very long history. Established in 1945 as Union Cooperage, we were a major manufacturer of timber wine casks. When technology started changing the production of wine casks from timber to steel, we looked to diversify, and began supplying an overseas whisky supplier with timber pallets. When the GJ Coles warehouse, located just around the corner, asked us to supply them with pallets, the name was changed to Cooperage Pallets, and so it began…. Large Sydney-based corporations with volume pallet requirements flocked to Cooperage Pallets and we soon became one of the market leaders. Our ability to move with the times is what has kept us there.

The name was changed again in 2002, to Cooperage Pallets & Boxes, to better reflect the increasing product range.

Cooperage Pallets has always had a fine reputation for quality and service in the marketplace, and this is firmly entrenched in the culture of the business.


We place our customers' needs first, always keeping in mind the importance of our products to their distribution process.

We liaise with our customers to ensure that their needs are met for a reasonable and competitive outlay.


Our quality system complies with ISO9002 and we pride ourselves on both the quality of our products and the efficiency of our service.



  • Customised Timber Pallets
  • Fumigation
  • Delivery


Staff are committed to maintaining a safe and clean working environment. We are proud of our safety record. We comply with all relevant licensing and regulatory requirements.


Key personnel are highly trained with many years experience in the pallet and box industry.


Cooperage Pallets and boxes is a Merchant member of the Timber and Building Materials Association (NSW). As stated and displayed wherever you see the TABMA sign, it is your guarantee that you're dealing with a genuine Timber and Building Material specialist. As such we undertake to abide by the Association's Code of Ethics:

  1. Provide courteous, prompt attention and friendly service.
  2. Adopt pricing policies that are fair and competitive.
  3. Provide a prompt delivery service.
  4. Stock only first quality products.
  5. Cater for special customer orders.
  6. Guarantee that all goods advertised and sold are as stated.
  7. Conform to recognised industry practices.
  8. Conform to the provisions of the Timber Marketing Act.
  9. Supply timber only in grades in accordance with Australian Standards, and to employ where applicable a holder of a relevant Timber Grading Certificates.
  10. Provide a safe working environment for employees.